Mental Toughness Development Programme

This is a personal development programme for players, centred around the combination of a mental toughness model, sport and education to develop their lives, on and off the sporting field. The research behind the model demonstrates the value of developing mentally tough people in any walk of life, and that mental toughness attributes can be learned and developed. The sessions are designed to educate and engage players, prompting reflection and actions to transfer the Mental Toughness concepts to their lives. We use a combination of high quality teaching and learning, challenging activities, discussion and examples from other contexts to make a lasting impact on the players we work with.

Performing Under Pressure

This innovative development session aims to equip your team with the mindset and tools to thrive during challenging times. Andy Reid MBE, renowned motivational speaker and Paul Trainor, performance consultant, will engage and inspire your team, whilst providing a clear framework to make a lasting, sustainable change to impact on your performance.

  • Hear Andy’s incredible story and change the mindset of your employees or team with his powerful and inspirational presentation about self belief and the power of goal setting.
  • Identify the sources of challenge and how these can be managed to support our performance and wellbeing.
  • Understand the features of mental toughness and how we can apply these concepts to our lives, both in and out of work.
  • Learn how high performers in sport and business perform sustainably under pressure
Sport Positive Synergy

Building a winning culture

This session is aimed at clubs looking to enhance or change the culture of their team.

We will work with your leaders to defining your culture, how to overcome the challenges of culture change, engaging stakeholders, identifying the key features of your desired culture and making it stick. we will also share what can be learned from organisations in business and sport, and how this can be transferred to your context.